«Under the Sea»


Day 6.

Under the Sea. Our campers continue exploring nature and animal world. Today they have visited the park and the resting site “Residence”. Everyone was impressed by the loud greetings “I-A” by a donkey which was glad to get some bread from us.

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Sheep, hens, peacocks, deer, pigs and other nice creatures, - all of them looked so cute and amusing that the campers enjoyed them very much. Our teacher was also very excited when two horses followed her demanding food!

Other campers were busy learning sea life. They got to know how dolphins behave, where crabs live, turtles breed, how sharks hunt etc. They made projects reflecting their new knowledge, sang songs about sea animals. Our favorite one is about sharks!

/Files/images/2018-2019/movniy_tabr_2019/6_den/5.jpg /Files/images/2018-2019/movniy_tabr_2019/6_den/6.jpg

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