Day 11. «In the Jungle»



Mysterious, unusual, thick, dark, bright, full of life – there are a lot of words describing rainforests, so called green lungs of our planet.

The campers got to know very much about animals whose habitat is a rainforest. Snakes, insects, mammals and birds inhabit the jungle.

/Files/images/2018-2019/movniy_tabr_2019/11_den/1 (2).jpg /Files/images/2018-2019/movniy_tabr_2019/11_den/2 (2).jpg

Some practical work helped us to understand ways of adaptation, food chains and variety of jungle life. We suppose that there are a lot of undiscovered places and creatures in the rainforests. That’s why we have made an attempt to imagine who lives there in the middle of the jungle and still remains unknown. There are some projects with these unusual creatures.

/Files/images/2018-2019/movniy_tabr_2019/11_den/3.jpg /Files/images/2018-2019/movniy_tabr_2019/11_den/4 (2).jpg /Files/images/2018-2019/movniy_tabr_2019/11_den/5.jpg /Files/images/2018-2019/movniy_tabr_2019/11_den/6.jpg

And here such a miracle-tree children were drawing today at art lessons with Boyko I. V.




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