Day 12. Final Day


This day has come, the day of Final show and parting with our camp.

During 12 days our campers were gathering under chestnut trees of our school near the Go Camp Banner. Our seven teams repeated their mottoes every morning and afternoon, so all the teams knew all mottoes at the end!

What kind of days were they? The main thing is, it was interesting! That’s why almost all the campers stayed till the final day! Their knowledge was enriched with information about animal world. We felt ourselves as a part of our unique planet where everything is full of wonders, everything is connected with each other.

We realized that this world needs care,our environment should be clean and healthy. We have got a new view not only on such well known animals like foxes, horses, lions or hares. We are fond of insects and reptiles too, we adore their abilities to mimicry, to adaptation. We are experts in the field of hibernation and migration.

We are grateful to our British volunteer Milena for her support and taking part in our games. She was so patient answering the same questions like “Have you got a cat?” hundred times.

We even tried to teach her Ukrainian, so far away from our town, in Scottish Highlands people will get to know about our little Motherland.

The school administration organized some interesting excursions to museums in Yahotyn, in Bohdanivka, to the rest site “Residence’’, to the fire station. Thank you very much!

Best thanks to our music teacher I. V. Koshelnyk, Art teacher I. V. Boiko, school psychologist V. M. Yakovets for useful and interesting lessons. Chef cook of our school canteen should receive our grateful thanks for tasty food! We have appreciated!

And of course the volunteersfrom 9-V, 7-V, 7-A and 11-A grades were people whose assistance was very useful. 11-A, you are real school-leavers of school №3 who demonstrate the best qualities of good students who will leave only the best memories about yourselves.

Літній мовний табір GoCamp - 2019. Яготинський НВК №3

We wish our teachers, the spirit and the ground of Go Camp-2019, good rest, nice relax somewhere at the seaside and new inspiration for a school year and Camp-2020.
















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